NBA 2K13 – MyTeam | How to get the best team starting


NBA 2K13 - MyTeam | How to get the best start Squad

Do not forget to give this video a” like “: D I do not like the players you’ve got to leave for NBA 2K13 MyTeam? In this video I show you how to swap the cards for all players bronze bronze on the market and build the best team you can start with bronze. You can have a starting lineup of the best players in the bronze game without any additional cost. Twitter: Facebook:
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Boys Into Yo waddup STG SubTheGamer, In this video I show you guys the Brand New Nba 2k13 all weekend Star Dunk Contest. This is without a doubt the gameplay, im telling you, if you go for the Elite Onyx Dunks, not hard! But it’s definitely a lot of fun! Question for you guys: it is ready for the first …
Video Rating: 4/5

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