NBA 2K13 my career – Gordon playing as Jordan!

Into Click here to see my last video my career! This is my last game playing / experimenting on gamestyle simulation. I was really tired in the 4th quarter, but Eric Gordon had my back. He was playing like Michael Jordan in the 4th quarter. He put on a show by movements Allen Iverson, Manu Ginobili moves, cutting to the basket moves, and Mr. Splash Man-type moves, but it was enough to stop lob city? Chris Paul vs. Chris Smoove rivalry is only the beginning! 00:50 5 finger discount Simulation gamestyle 01:27 02:23 Epica splash shot clock cheese! 03:05 It is not Blake Griffin baby, back to back turnovers 05:14 The Brow attack the rim! 05:55 I dropped Billups! Lob City sighting 07:15 08:35 09:02 Gordon Gordon looking like Iverson look like Ginobili! 10:10 Gordon pulling off a move around before flying Gordon 11:02 11:42 Gordon with another splash! 12:05 CP3 attacking the clutch? My Facebook and Twitter
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